Innovation, creativity and dedication since 1997
Software Development
Using the powerful Xojo development platform we are able to rapidly develop software and systems for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Raspberry pi, and of cource for the web and all the iOS and Android devices that go with it. If you or your organization needs a new, or improved, software or system we can help you. Read more...
Moodifier Expertise
We are an authorized global full service Moodifier partner. We know everything there is to know about Moodifier and we can help you with everything from project planning, hardware selection, setup and configuration to custom developments and system integration. Read more...
New Frontiers
Whenever we get one of those "brilliant" new ideas, we just have to do something about it. One of our latest products is the Moodifier Daemon, a lighting control, home automation, security and surveilance server. We are now also working on an Insanely Simple CMS Server.