Internet Age Lighting Control
The IP-connected lighting and low voltage control system
Home owners
State of the art LED lighting control with perfectly smooth dimming ensures a beautifully lit and energy efficient home. Create different light scenes for every occasion, elegant dinners, TV nights or parties. Schedule by day of week, time of day, sunrise or sunset. All through a smart and safe low voltage power grid that can also control other devices like heaters, fans etc. Add a few IP-cameras and you also get a home alarm and surveillance system that keeps your home secure when you are not at home.
Commercial applications
Unique IP-network and software integration makes Moodifier a great solution for commercial lighting applications, no matter if you need smart lighting for a conference room, a restaurant or an interactive exhibition in a museum. It can be as simple as automatically setting different light scenes for lunch, dinner and night time in a restaurant, to more advanced setups where different objects are lit up at specified events, when something moves, or a particular sound is played on a computer.
Industrial applications
Do you need to light up an area the size of 20 football fields in a safe, smart and energy efficient way, or do you need an emergency lighting solution that is able to interact with wired sensors and IP-network connected devices. Moodifier can control LED lighting, NO/NC relays, 12-24V, 0/1-10V and PWM controllable devices and be controlled from both wired sensors and IP-networks. Moodifier enables you to easily integrate all this to become a part of your IT-infrastructure.

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