Internet Age Lighting Control
Moodifier is an industrial strength IP based lighting control platform that utilises the latest innovations in LED and IT technology to deliver the lighting solutions of tomorrow.

As Moodifier specialists we are capable of assisting you in everything from residential smart lighting installations to industrial scale lighting and power management systems with custom software, hardware and full IT integration.

Werther your project is residential or of industrial scale we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in putting together a lighting solution that is both energy efficient, secure, easy to use and has all the IoT smart functionalities you need.

Stability, Flexibility & Usability
We do not rely on "wireless"
Wireless technologies are fantastic in many ways, but when it comes to 100% stability and reliability nothing beats a good old ethernet cable.

There are many wireless retrofit high voltage based smart LED light bulbs and IoT devices out there. The wireless technologies makes them very easy to retrofit without pulling any new cables and that is great, but what if you are building a new house or a new building, or doing a major renovation where you need to pull out new cables anyway?

- Do you then really want to base the new building on the pre-internet, pre-LED, 1970-style electrical wiring, or do you want to step in to the new century and build for a smarter and more energy efficient future?

We have chosen to work with Moodifier because it is designed from the ground up for modern low voltage LED lights as part of the IT infrastructure. It also offers unparalleled levels of lighting control, automation, stability and convenience in whole home, office or industrial scale lighting applications.

Security & Privacy
We do not trust "the IoT cloud"
Cloud storage and computing is great in many ways, but when it comes to personal privacy, integrity and security it can be devastating, far beyond 1984.

Many new IoT devices like IP-cameras, smart light bulbs, door locks, temperature, humidity sensors etc. will let you easily connect to them from anywhere through web based IoT cloud services. This cloud based approach is very convenient and easy to use and most people do not care or understand what is actually going on when using it, but they really really really should.

When you install a cloud based IoT device, say an IP camera, door lock or sensor in your home or office and hook it up to an online IoT service you basically give the IoT service, all of it´s staff and anyone who can access or hack in to it full access to your device. Cloud based IoT devices may be easy to install, but often has pour or absolutely no security or privacy implementation at all. You basically let the IoT device punch a wide open hole right into your local network, bypassing all network, firewall and security infrastructure, and feed out all its data 24/7-365. Scary stuff!

Unless you have full insight, knowledge and trust in how the cloud based IoT service works, who works there, and whom else may have access to it, you basically have no clue to who may be watching the video from your IP-camera or controlling your front door lock. Someone may even take over and control your devices and cause major damage.

Internet security and privacy is not an easy subject, but if you want to keep some things secure and private you may want to start by NOT connecting them to an MQTT broker (IoT cloud service) or putting it on iCloud or any of the other popular cloud based IoT services out there. That will at least secure you from everyone working at the cloud service companies as well as anyone accessing or hacking in to them.

We have chosen to work with Moodifier because it offers very high reliability, security, privacy and ease of use without relying on, or exposing you to, the IoT cloud.