Software & System Development & Management
Since the start back in 1997 we have developed and managed professional software and systems in a wide range of fields for clients across Europe and the USA.

We pioneered the internet video and streaming media industry back in the late 90´s and developed one of the worlds first fully automated streaming video compression, publication and distribution systems, Navicast, in 2001. Navicast has since been used by corporations and organisations in both Europe and the USA, but development has now been on hold since 2013.

In 2003 we developed and co-founded Freecaster as a spin-off venture from Navicast. In 2004 we were awarded the Apple Design Award for having developed Freecaster.

Around 2008 we started developing a new type of IP-connected LED lighting control system aimed at the residential market. That work later lead to the foundation of Moodifier as a UK based separate spin-off venture in 2013.

During the last years we have been focusing on fine-tuning Moodifier so that it also meets the needs of the industrial and commercial markets.

Over the years we have also had the pleasure of developing many other interesting solutions for different clients and needs.

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Barsark is privately founded, privately held and debt free, without any venture capital.

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