Moodifier 0-10V/PWM Dimmer

Control any type of lighting over the internet

The brand ned DIN-rail mounted Moodifier 0-10V/PWM dimmer is a networked lighting controller for everything that can be controled with the 0-10V, 1-10V and PWM signal lighting control standards. Together with the included Moodifier software it opens up new possibilities for how traditional lighting can be controlled and dimmed.

With the Moodiffier dimmer, you can control almost any standard lighting with mobile phones, computers and other networked devices, from anywhere. With the Moodifier application you can easily create your light settings and schedule the lighting after hour, minute, day of week as well as sunrise and sunset.

Controls most things

0-10V dimming is a long-established, proven and easy to use lighting control technology. 0-10V control is often used to control lighting in homes, offices and industrial environments. With the 0-10V technology you can control everything from LED lights, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, transformers and LED power supplies to smoke machines, electric motors and other mechanical equipment.

The Moodifier dimmer makes it possible for you to, via the internet, control virtually all devices that currently support the 0-10V, 1-10V or PWM signal control standards.

Designed for professional installations

The DIN-rail mounted Moodifier Dimmer and optional Slave units are designed for professional installations. Sturdy snap in screw cable connectors as well as extra inputs and outputs make for a well organised and straightforward installation process.

The concept of combining master and slave units that support 0-10V, 1-10V, PWM signal, constant current and constant voltage gives great flexibility and scalability when putting together a professional lighting solution.
Technical Specification

Moodifier dimmer connections:

  • 1 Network port (Ethernet).
  • 4 snap in power supply connectors for easy daisy chaining.
  • 12 snap in connectors to connect 6 independantly controlable series of 0-10V/PWM signal controlable devices.
  • 10 snap in connectors for connecting up to 6 push buttons.
  • 1 connector for connecting an optional slave unit.

Moodifier dimmer, technical data:

Power supply 12-24V DC
0-10V/PWM control channels 6
Voltage per control channel 0-10V or PWM signal
PWM frequency 480 Hz - 4.8 kHz (adjustable)
Input / push button functions 6
Network Ethernet 10/100
Overheat protection Yes
Conforms to European EMC regulations Yes
CE marked Yes
Size 6 DIN-rail units
Ambient temperature (in operation) 0-50°C

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