Insanely Simple CMS Server
A little side project that is all about making life easier
If you have ever had to set up a web server with a CMS system from scratch you know that there is a plethora of powerful solutions available out there. The problem is that there are very few, if any, really SIMPLE ways of doing it.

Setting up, configuring, securing and maintaining a web server alone can be a daunting task, and that still only gets you half way. You then also need to install, set up and configure a CMS system on top of the web server.

If you, like us, sometimes just need to get a few simple CMS driven web sites (like the one you are looking at right now) up and running on a Raspberry Pi or two, it seems like a lot of overhead and un-nessesary work for a seemingly simple task.

One day, inspired by the wonderfully simple GetSimple CMS system I got this crazy idea.
- What if the whole web server, CMS setup and configuration mess could be replaced by ONE simple application?

That would at least make my life much easier.

Mission Statement
KISS - Keep It Stupiditly Simple
• One server application only.
• No external server side-scripting dependancies.
• No external JavaScript framework dependancies.
• Should run well on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux (including the Raspberry Pi).
• Enough performance for the rest of us, FaceBook or Google scalability is not needed.
• HTML5 front end, customisable through plain vanilla CSS.
• Clean, simple and easy to use backend.

Target Market
The market I intend to cater to is the average individual, employee or business owner who needs to set up a web server with a simple CMS and web site on the internet or on a LAN. This person needs a simple web server CMS setup with minimal fuzz -- that's it.

I believe there are very few, if any, server solutions out there that do this without also involving a lot of complex web server, database and scripting technologies with a myriad of configurations scattered all over the place.

Our targeted user doesn't want to bother with Apache, http.conf, lighttpd, IIS, php, php.ini, ASP.NET, MySQL, jQuery, React, the cloud, VPS subscriptions or web services.

All the target user (I) want is to get a manageable, simple and attractive web site up and running on a given computer, in no time, with minimal effort.

How to get it?
Well, right now we are happy that we are able to use the ISCMSServer ourselves.
It still has some rough edges and lack documentation, once we are fully happy with eating our own dog food we will start to offer it to others as well.

To the right is an image of what the backend currently looks like.

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